The perfect Etsy tag generator for your listings

Unlock the power of Etsy tags and boost your sales with the ultimate Etsy tag generator – Storegenie. In this guide, we will cover what Etsy tags are and the power they have, how you can discover the best tags as well as how you can optimise them for your listings.

What are Etsy tags?

Etsy tags are keywords that you can add to your listings to make them more discoverable by buyers on the Etsy platform. They help buyers find items that match their search criteria by providing additional information about the item being sold.

When creating a listing, you can add up to 13 tags that describe the item, such as its color, material, or theme. These tags can include specific details like “handmade” or “vintage” as well as more general terms like “jewelry” or “home decor.” The more relevant and specific the tags are, the better chance your listing has of showing up in search results when a buyer searches for those keywords.

The importance of Etsy tags for your listing

Etsy tags are important for your listing because they help make the listing more discoverable by buyers searching for items that match the tags. They can greatly increase the visibility of a listing and lead to more sales.

Here are some key reasons why tags are important for your Etsy listing:

  1. Increased discoverability: When buyers search for items on Etsy, the platform uses tags to match the search criteria with relevant listings. The more relevant and specific the tags are, the more likely the listing will show up in search results.
  2. Better SEO: Etsy tags can improve the visibility of a listing in search engines like Google. When a listing has relevant tags, it can help the listing rank higher in search results when buyers search for similar items on Google.
  3. Better organization: Etsy tags can help you organize and categorize your listings, making it easier for buyers to browse and find the items they are looking for.
  4. Increased sales: By making a listing more discoverable, relevant and better organized, tags can increase the likelihood of a buyer finding and purchasing the item.

In short, Etsy tags are a powerful tool that can help you increase visibility, improve SEO, and ultimately drive more sales.

How to find powerful tags for your Etsy listings

As an Etsy seller, it’s important to use powerful tags in your listings to make them more discoverable to buyers. Here are a few ways you can find powerful tags for your listings:

  1. Research popular keywords: Look at the keywords that buyers are using to search for similar items on Etsy and Google. You can use tools like Google’s Keyword Planner or Etsy’s own search bar to see what people are searching for. Use these keywords as tags in your listings.
  2. Look at competitors: Check out the tags that other sellers are using for similar items to your own. You can get an idea of what tags are working well for them and use them in your own listings.
  3. Use specific and detailed tags: Instead of using general terms like “jewelry” use specific and detailed tags like “handmade sterling silver earrings” or “boho style turquoise necklace”.
  4. Use the tags that describe your item: Use the tags that best describe the item you are selling. For example, if you are selling a vintage dress, use tags like “vintage”, “retro” or “50s style”
  5. Use seasonal tags: If your item is related to a particular season, use tags that reflect that. For example, “Christmas decor”, “Summer dress”
  6. Use tags that reflect the materials: Use tags that reflect the materials your product is made of. For example, “leather wallet”, “cotton t-shirt”

It’s also important to note that you should use tags that are relevant and specific to your item, and avoid using tags that are not relevant. Using irrelevant tags can lead to your listing being flagged and removed by Etsy.

Generate powerful tags instantly using Storegenie

As an Etsy seller, you can use a tool called Storegenie to generate powerful tags for your listings instantly. Storegenie is an AI-based content tool that is designed specifically for Etsy sellers. It has features that can help you to optimize your listings and increase visibility and sales.

One of the features of Storegenie is its ability to generate powerful tags for your listings. The tool uses advanced algorithms which has analyzed Etsy listings and will suggest relevant and specific tags that will make your listings more discoverable to buyers. This can save you time and effort when it comes to researching and finding the right tags for your listings.

Another benefit of using Storegenie is that it can help you to optimize your listings for search engines. The tool can help you to improve the SEO of your listings by suggesting tags that are more likely to rank higher in search results. This can lead to more visibility for your listings and ultimately more sales.

Storegenie also offers other features that can help you to optimize your listings such as:

  • Creating catchy titles
  • Generating product descriptions
  • Creating product bullet points

By using Storegenie, you can easily improve your listings, and increase your sales on Etsy.

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