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What is Attract?

Attract is a great tool for Etsy sellers looking to build their customer email base. With Attract, sellers can create a honeypot form which provides

Is the content unique?​

Storegenie uses AI to generate content. The more specific you are on your input, the more unique the content will be.​

Can I get a custom template?​

Custom templates are generation templates specific to your business. For example, you may have process where you generate content on a frequent basis and need

Is there a free trial?​

Sure! When you sign up to storegenie, you get some free credits to get you started. You can also earn some additional credits free through

What is a credit?​

Storegenie uses credits for each generation. You can purchase these on a PAYG basis or you can subscribe to the plan.​ PAYG Pay as you

What is Storegenie?

Storegenie is a content generation platform designed specifically for eCommerce merchants. Storegenie generates unique and engaging content using AI for a range of use cases